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"surpassed my expectations in terms of excellence and quality"

I am so impressed with Nicholas Rhodes and his ability to create customized websites that translate business goals into actual results. His attention to detail, ability to create interfaces that make running my website easy and his willingness to work with creative directors to enhance the design elements is superior. My entire experience with Asgard Development has far surpassed my expectations in terms of excellence and quality. Based on actual customer response my business has entered a whole new world of successful web based communications and marketing due to the bright and innovative work of Nicholas Rhodes. ~ Sarah Weiss, MA, Director, SpiritHeal Institute

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"he takes my nebulous ideas and turns them into concrete ideas"

I can't say enough good things about the great work done on my website by Nicholas Rhodes. I have a small company, but it's growing and that wouldn't be happening without a series of enhancements and tweaks expertly handled by Nick. Adding features has led directly to enhanced sales. And Nick is great to work with--he takes my nebulous ideas and turns them into concrete ideas that always seem less difficult to implement than I thought! I recommend Asgard and Nick to anyone needing a reliable, competent programmer. ~ Sara Mellen, Community Auction Services

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Asgard Development was founded on April 1, 2009... April Fool’s Day. I believe it was the universe’s way of giving me a laugh after several unsatisfying years in the workforce. I headed out, joined the Madison-Perry Area Chamber of Commerce, now the Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce, and started networking. Grinding as they would say on Shark Tank. It's now 2017, and, despite all of the offers to integrate back into the system, I'm still working the grind. Why? Freedom.

I enjoy the freedom to be creative, think outside the box, listen to loud music, and, most importantly, wear pajama pants. Pajamas are the key to a successful home office.

What does that all mean? Do you have to see me in pajama pants? No, I wouldn't put anyone through the horrible imagery of me wearing cartoon dogs with Christmas hats.

It means I'm not held to corporate policies. You won't get a boilerplate solution. You won't hear "no" because a policy tells me I have to do it this way or that. I'll craft a custom solution to meet your needs and strive to make every project, even similar ones, unique in some way.

You'll talk directly to me. Not to a different person every time you contact me. Not to a customer relations manager who filters the information down to me. Clients have access to call, text, or email at any time. Some clients use Facebook to stay in touch. Doc Brown uses time travel. You can too, as long as you promise to let me borrow the DeLorean. Whatever you prefer works for me.

What about me personally? I like drinking the milk of a fresh coconut and eating its flesh. Well, that was a bit morbid. You have a better chance of stumbling upon me in a coffee shop versus a bar or club. I love to hike and sit in the woods observing the world around me. I still play with toys and can be seen flying the Millenium Falcon through the house, while our pets stare at me in dismay. I'm a nerd, a collector, a reader, a philosopher, a film addict, a problem solver, a traveller, .... the list goes on.

If any of this sounds interesting, let's talk, get some coffee, and build a relationship. The clients are why I love my job... and the pajama pants.

- Nick

P.S. Greedo shot first, and Superman, who is essentially a god, would take Batman down, but Batman would put up one hell of a fight.

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"listening to our needs and dreams"

Seeds of Literacy worked with Nick at Asgard Development to redesign a stale website on a tight, nonprofit budget. After listening to our needs and dreams, Nick designed a site that was rich with information and easily accessible on a wide range of devices. It’s simple for us to manage, while elastic enough to grow with our organization. And it looks great! ~ Jo Steigerwald, Seeds of Literacy